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Dianna Parisi


The Center Brunswick United Methodist Church has a proud tradition of inspirational musical worship.  The vocal choir use both up-tempo modern songs and traditional choral literature to set the tone for worship throughout the year. The vocal choir can be counted on to be a welcomed interlude in our weekly service. 

Our choir welcomes any and all who wish to sing God’s praises, the ability to read music is not necessary to participate!  Our motto is “We don’t sing because we’re good, we sing because we want to!”  As the Bible says, the rocks shall not cry out as long as we have voice to sing!  There is no age limit to be a choir member.  We have youthful singers and a number of dedicated veterans.  Young or old, musical or just enthusiastic, male or female, we want you in the choir!

The vocal choir sings each Sunday morning during worship  with a focus on major religious occasions, like Christmas and Easter. 

Choir rehearses every Tuesday at 7:30pm- 8:15pm at the church.

Rehearsals suspended for the summer.

 Dianna Parisi, a gifted musician is our Music Minister. Rehearsals and performances are enthusiastic and joyful times of friendship. We sing to organ, piano or guitar, with a cappella music thrown in occasionally for fun.  From camp songs to traditional choral literature, the vocal choir sings it all with love and faith. 

Do you feel the urge to sing God’s praises?  Lift up a thoughtful musical prayer?  Help others immerse themselves in their weekly worship experience?  Being a choir member assures you of being a literal instrument of God’s work in our community.  Come join us!   

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